Saturday, 28 August 2010

Valve game MATHACKS

Exellent site for material hacks for (mostly) Valve games. Think CSS, TS2, L4D etc...

  • Mathacks are wallhacks to everyone else, often allowing you to see through doors, props, folliage, and most walls.
  • They can light up enemies and/or items & weapons of interest with fullbright plan colour skins, making target aquisition much faster.
  • They are undetectable and non VAC-banable, this is because they modifiy the same files that legit skins would change to make guns or players look better.  
  • Mathacks do not use external programs either, and can be turned on/off simply be swaping or renaming folders from defaults to the hacked versions.
I highly recomend this site if you are interested in a bit of hacking when your bored, or if you need that extra 'edge'. Most competative servers run 'pure' to prevent this however so its more for public games.

Friday, 27 August 2010

O Hai guyz :3

Ok soooo im setting up my Weblog, yes, Thats what im calling it, Blog is a terribad word :P

gonna add some of my freinds blogs for some interesting reading :) I'll try and get some content up soon guys! :)

hope to see some of you soon from time to time!